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Thank you to everybody that continues to follow my rehabilitation journey website and have been kind enough to share with your friends, family and work colleagues.

This website was launched on the 15th December 2015 which is exactly 2 months ago. Within this period, we have now reached out to 55 countries around the world with thousands of Individuals, Employees, Families, Leaders, Employers, Business Owners now reading this website. It was only recently on the 4th January that we had reached 30 countries across the globe so the momentum that is growing is incredible.

Global Reach 2

I continue to receive fantastic emails from individuals, families and companies here in Western Australia, Eastern Australia and Overseas providing their support which is very appreciated. The stories from people around the world that are willing to share similar health and wellbeing stories like mine and my families has been astounding for I believed for a long time that I was the only one. Such messages that I receive reinforces my drive to continue sharing my story, my journey with the world for the people sharing their story with me in many cases has been the first time they have been able to open up and speak to someone that has gone through a similar experience.

Looking back through my diary from last year, I had shared with my Occupational Therapist that I was thinking about starting a website or a blog, she was fully supportive of this and said that this would be a great part of my personal rehabilitation for many reasons. Whilst in many cases it drains every last ounce of my brain and physical energy I have as well as the amount of days / weeks that is takes just to write one single blog before I can publish it onto the website (including my wife proof reading), I do get a feeling of self achievement and am sure now it is worth going through this effort.

The thought that I am pouring my personal heart, soul and energy out for the all the public to access around the world was originally very daunting however the public acceptance across the globe has assured me that what I am doing is “Making A Difference” to someone’s life.

Again for all those that are following my and my families journey (more family member input to come), I once again would like to thank you all for it is people like you that are taking the time in sharing this website with others that really makes the message spread across the globe. You are “Making A Difference”.

Please take 5 minutes out of your day to think about how important a fair work / life balance is to both you and your family.

Best Regards,

Michael Weston




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