Who Am I?

My name is Michael Weston, was born in Perth in 1966 (49Yrs) but lived much of my childhood in the beautiful coastal town of Esperance. I have been married for 26 Years to my wife Donna who is the love of my life, my best friend and we intend to grow old and grey together…….we […]

The Lead-Up To My Incident

During the years between 2012 and 2013 I had been working at a Port in Dampier, Western Australia where Iron Ore was exported overseas. My role description during this period was Maintenance Support Superintendent, was accountable to ensure the safe and efficient execution of a maintenance shutdown during a scheduled shut period. Whilst I found […]

Day Of My Incident

The words I write within this section are re-called from my wife Donna and our neighbour for I have very little knowledge of what happened on the morning of 19th April 2013 prior to the incident, at the time of the incident and the hours after the incident. Inside My House I woke up at […]

Post Incident / Time Off Work

For the next 14 days I slept for the majority of the day and night. One wouldn’t think that a human could sleep as much as I did within these two weeks however I did and the truth be known if there were more hours in a day then I would have slept them. These […]

Returning To Work

I have mixed emotions when I talk about the timing of my return to work following my incident. The question I still ask myself to this day is “did I return to work too early”? Hindsight is great but you can’t live in the shadow of it so I am learning. I tend to sit-on-the-fence […]

Whats Happening To Me?

Following 3 weeks’ sick leave and returning to work, I was eased back into things on restricted hours and duties until I was ready to go back to my role as Maintenance Support Superintendent. During this time, I had a work colleague that was assigned to act in my role until my recovery time had […]

Anxiety, Depression & PTSD

During my initial 12-month period upon returning to work, it was evident that my health and wellbeing was spiraling downwards. Whilst I was trying my best to stay strong and positive, I had a series of mental breakdowns both at my workplace and at home. The amount of pressure I had on myself to push […]

The Funny Side (1)

My journey isn’t all bad news for there have been some enlightening moments along the way. I believe I said in one of the recent posts that my family sometimes find the funny side of my misfortunes in a nice way and this has not been an isolated case with them. Its is important to […]

Nobody Is Listening

During the first year of returning to work, there were so many things going on with my body and mind that I had to take note of what was happening to me. Early in the piece, I was just trying to memorize all the weird things that were happening but unbeknownst to me I was […]

The Universe Is Listening

Stay with me, the title will make sense soon. Through chance I was to meet a lady who was the wife of a very good friend of mine. I will refer to her in this post as Mrs. O. Mrs. O has had extensive experience within the medical fraternity and would provide me with a […]