Keynote Topics


“HEAD ABOVE WATER” (60 minutes / Audiences > All Group Sizes –  All Levels)

Michaels motivating and inspirational speaking sessions can provide a considerable contribution to your employees and leadership teams success, mental health and wellbeing by;

  • Providing a real “lived experience” to those of all levels of business
  • Creating awareness on Mental Health in the workplace
  • Reducing stigma
  • Explaining how work-related stress can impact your physical and emotional health including the impact it has on the productivity of a business
  • Assisting businesses in preventative measures
  • Providing a positive way forward for both individuals and businesses
  • Providing HOPE



“PROTECTING WHAT COUNTS” (30 minutes / Audiences > All Group Sizes –  All Levels > Compliments the “Head Above Water” talk)

“Protecting What Counts” is a lived experience story that shares with audiences the relationship between “Protecting What Counts” and good Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Audiences will learn how Michael’s shift in thinking and looking at his life differently made a profound transformation in his Mental Health & Wellbeing, his work and his life in general.

Michael experienced a positive shift in his Mental Health & Wellbeing over the years simply by seeing, thinking, feeling and behaving differently.

Audiences will be able to learn from Michael’s journey and take-way positive strategies.