The Universe Is Listening

Stay with me, the title will make sense soon.

Through chance I was to meet a lady who was the wife of a very good friend of mine. I will refer to her in this post as Mrs. O.

Mrs. O has had extensive experience within the medical fraternity and would provide me with a great deal of advice and support going forward.

I would share many of the odd occurrences that I had been experiencing as well as how I was feeling about these occurrences in which Mrs. O would have advice for most of the occurences that I had raised with her. Don’t get me wrong, Mrs. O wasn’t a Witch Doctor, she just had the right level of knowledge, experience and importantly the contacts within the industry that I could be referred to by my GP in order to discover answers to why I had collapsed on the way to work, what was going on with my mind and body now and what treatment or rehabilitation would be required. The benefits that I would get from meeting Mrs. O would not be fully understood until her collaboration with my GP occurred. Its was only now that there appeared to be options and some hope of finding answers.

I asked this Mrs. O one day as to how she knows so many medical professionals that want to help me in which she said “it’s the universe”. Say what?

Mrs. O explained that one needs to look beyond the small list of medical professionals that are in a phonebook or on the internet and start asking the universe. Say what?

In short everyone knows someone, with some accreditations, some knowledge, some skills however in this case there is always someone that knows someone that specializes in specific fields that is interested in finding answers that nobody else could.

I would soon find out that my Occupational Therapist too has a universe at her hands for she too has been able to provide me with access to other specialized medical professionals.


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