When Typo’s Aren’t Typo’s

The challenge I have these days with the new me is such posts take an incredible amount of time to write for processing information is as fast as watching grass grow…and no not Pilbara grass after a rainfall (those in the area know what I mean).

Whilst I have many diary notes from over the past 2 years or so which assist me with providing content, I still find these posts to be quite time consuming to ensure the context is correct.

Ensuring that my spelling is correct these days is also a chore however the squiggly line underneath a mispelt word has to this day made me look very good or at least I think you all think that way. I shall humour myself that this is the case for now.

Typing errors (typo’s) do slip through the system at times so if you could all bare with me, I have my wife that has taken up the role of Quality Assurance / Quality Control Officer role to reduce any confusing posts.

Just remember, when you see a typo, its not a typo but just “Brain Injured Moment”.

Hope you are enjoying my journey.




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