Where Have I Been?

Hello everyone, I have finally returned from an 8 month break from my website / blog and am happy to say that I’m back into the thick of it writing again. Apologies to all of those who have been returning to my website to see no additional blogs.

So where have I been all this time?

Well, to say that I have had an “interesting” and “challenging” past 8 months would be somewhat of an understatement in my mind.

Over the next 3 or 4 blogs, I will be sharing with you the “interesting” and “challenging” events that I have experienced recently. Whilst these events appear to be what most would view as “just another nail in the coffin” (so to speak), my family and I have come out the other side once again more positive and stronger willed than ever.

Why wouldn’t we, life is too short to feel sorry for yourself.

HOPE – Hold On, Pain Ends


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