Who Am I?

My name is Michael Weston, was born in Perth in 1966 (49Yrs) but lived much of my childhood in the beautiful coastal town of Esperance. I have been married for 26 Years to my wife Donna who is the love of my life, my best friend and we intend to grow old and grey together…….we are getting there……I am getting there (correct answer). Donna and I have three fantastic kids / adults whom we absolutely adore, Cooper (24), Laura (21) and Shay (16).

I have been working in the Pilbara for the past 16 years with my family living in the Pilbara for 10 years for I had worked for 5 years on a Fly In / Fly Out (FIFO) roster. My career throughout the 16 years has been working within the Iron Ore Mining industry working for one of the Worlds Largest Mining Companies. More recently, my family and I have been working and living in Karratha, Western Australia.

I have now relocated and reside in Perth Western Australia with my family for accessibility to my Doctors, Specialists and everyone that is associated with my rehabilitation is far more beneficial than when we resided in Karratha Western Australia.

We have all loved the Pilbara for once you have lived there it is very difficult to leave the people that live there, the beauty of the land and lifestyle it provides. We have left the Pilbara but the Pilbara is still within us all.


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