The Funny Side (1)

My journey isn’t all bad news for there have been some enlightening moments along the way. I believe I said in one of the recent posts that my family sometimes find the funny side of my misfortunes in a nice way and this has not been an isolated case with them. Its is important to not take yourself too seriously and have a laugh at yourself sometimes. After all if you don’t everyone else will so if you cant beat them join them.

My Mother-In-Law was talking with a group of us the other day discussing a DVD series she was watching. We too had been watching the same series but are further behind in the episodes than she is. When she started letting everyone know what happens in the final episode I yelled out to her to not say anymore for we haven’t watched that part yet and you will spoil it for us all. She paused for a couple of seconds and replied that it wouldn’t matter because I would forget what I have said in about 2 minutes…nice!

Some work colleagues of mine in Dampier would say that I regularly would say something to them in one part of the day and then say a totally opposite thing to what I had said earlier. They would think I was messing with them however I would have no recollection of the previous conversation so they started calling me Jim Carey. Why? Because they thought Jim Carey in the movie Me, Myself & Irene was based on me. One person and Three personalities…nice!

I shall provide some more along the way.


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